Getting here

Using Google maps shows the easiest way how to get here - enter “hansi puhkemaja” and it’ll lead you exactly there. Timetable for ferries can be found here: Make the ticket reservation, price is the same.

Check in

Our check in time is 16:00, in case you have arrived earlier let us know - we might have the house ready for you sooner!

The key

Once you have arrived you will find the key under the sofa mattress next to the door. If the door is open the cleaning crew is most likely still there and they will give you the key. When checking-out leave the key on the same place.

Late check out

For late check out - call us, chances are theres no rush for you to leave.


If you need a invoice, let us know and we will deliver it to the house before check-out.

Wifi password

“tiritalu” - small letters and without the quotes, also written on the keychain.

Swimming & garden

Red line on the image indicates the area that belongs to this household. The bigger building just over the stonewall is also part of the complex. There are a lot of apples and berries around it – feel free to eat!

Red line on the second picture indicates the path to local beach. Also worth mentioning is that that bottom of the sea is very rocky, for that problem we have rubber shoes that you can go swimming with. You can find them from the bottom floor closet.

The house has its own automatic-lawnmover - if you find it annoying or in a place where it shouldnt be let us know, we'll turn it off


In order to get the TV working you need to do two things:

1. Turn the on TV (power button one)
2. Turn on the digibox (power button two)

In case nothing happens, try to press button 2 again

Washing machine
Can be found under the stairs together with the manual

Hair dryer
Can be found in the bathroom


Kitchen has all the normal equipment that you’d expect in a kitchen with a small set of basic spices.
If you have any special requirements, let us know.


On top floor you can control the temperature with radiator controllers, spin the thermostat for the desired temperature.

If you find the kitchen cold you can make a fire in the stove. Firewood can be found in the wooden box next to the stove. Stove top door for is for wood, the bottom door is used letting in some air. If you want to make the fire don’t forget to open both of the siphons (image 1) in the beginning! If the fire is already going close the RIGHT siphion. Both siphions can be closed only when the fire is out completely.

Beds and sheets

There are in total of 4 beds:
1) Kings bed (image 1)
2) Extra bed in the master bedroom (image 2)
3) Bed in the small room (image 3)
4) Couch that can be made into bed in the upstairs corridor. (image 4)

We also have a extra bed for babies / small children - one for 1-3 month old (which is already there - image 5) and second one -3 year old (image 6).

All beds have sheets, pillows and blankets. Extra set of blankets can be found in the top floor corridor closet.

Mosquito protection

All windows on top floor have hidden mosquito nets installed. You will see two knobs that can be pulled down.


Grill is located little bit further away from the house, reason being that the reed roof catches fire pretty easily. You will find the grill if you follow the stone-wall down east.

Local shops

The main shop for the whole Muhu is “Liiva konsum”, it’s in the centrum Liiva, about 10min away with a car (8km). Its also the biggest food store before the capital Kuressaare. Pharmacy is also located in the same building.

Renting bikes

Hansi house can rent out bikes - 15€ a day. If you wish to rent just call Ain or Karl and we will organise the bikes.


Never leave the porch windows on bottom floor open, wind can break them.

Never leave the house when you have alive fire in the stove.
Also, never leave the stove door open unattained.

Outdoor shoes are not allowed in the house - leave them in the entry.

Smoking is not allowed inside.


By default we won’t allow pets, but if you promise us that the dog won’t chew off pieces of our furniture or leave dirty spots on the sofa we can make an exception.


Karl Kipper - ENG / EST - +372 52 844 26
Ain Kollo - RUS / EST - +372 50 870 50